Healthcare issues

Improving society's well being

Addressing the complex challenges facing healthcare requires innovation and private/public collaboration. Members of our Healthcare Networks, Working Groups, and Pilots work across constituency, geography, and sector to spark initiatives that drive progress in key areas serving patients.

Beyond the pill

The phrase ‘beyond the pill’ suggests that there is an alternative model for healthcare that goes beyond pharmaceuticals for patient care. This is an emerging market opportunity in development for pharmaceutical companies that approach a critical strategy inflection point. Tapestry partner Ralph Welborn explores several strategies that could transform care management and strengthen trust across stakeholders to drive better patient outcomes. 

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Taking stock: A multistakeholder perspective on improving the delivery of care and the development of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease

Healthcare stakeholders increasingly recognize that the scientific and economic challenges associated with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are simply too great for individual stakeholder groups to address solely from within their own silos. In the necessary spirit of collaboration, members of the the Alzheimer’s Disease Working Group present their set of multicountry, multistakeholder recommendations to improve the organization of existing AD and dementia care and the development of new treatments in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia. 

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Post-launch Value Assessment Working Group Recommendations

The final recommendations of the Post-launch Value Assessment Working Group identify how to clarify a medicine's value and maximise health outcomes. They also provide companies with a framework that supports constructive discussion with regulatory and reimbursement decision makers and addresses lingering uncertainty that can be resolved post-launch.

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