Lindee Goh

Managing Director

Lindee Goh is a managing director with Tapestry Networks and leads the healthcare practice. She works with public and private sector leaders to develop effective strategies to improve clinical outcomes while fostering sustainable healthcare innovation. Throughout her career, Lindee has enjoyed the challenge of bridging scientific, clinical, and corporate worlds to address cross-sector challenges.

Healthcare public-private working groups Lindee has co-led have included focuses on: initial design and implementation of the parallel scientific advice process, a new approach to regulation and reimbursement of medical products in Europe; collaborative recommendations to address innovation, diagnostics, and infrastructure challenges of Alzheimer’s disease; US-focused pilot approach to molecular diagnostic quality assurance as relevant to precision medicine; and innovative approaches to healthcare financing.

Prior to Tapestry Networks, Lindee led teams at the Boston Consulting Group, working in biopharma, payer, and provider spaces, with expertise on strategy, organizational and operational transformation, and addressing issues in innovation, quality, and access.

Lindee holds a doctorate in biology, working on basic cancer biology as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow at the Center for Cancer Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She did post-graduate work at MIT as a Leukemia and Lymphoma Fellow working in neuroscience. She has published articles in leading scientific journals including Nature and Development. She holds a black belt in aikido and lives in Somerville, MA with her husband and two sons.