Audit & Control

The Vital Role of Audit Committees

Chairing the audit committee of a large public company is difficult work. Success calls for judgment, gained from years of personal experience and insight from others who have faced similar circumstances.


Ensuring corporate accountability and transparency.

Audit committees play a critically important role in governance and society, establishing confidence and trust in capital markets by ensuring reliable financial reporting.

In addition to financial integrity oversight, audit committees perform the crucial function of fostering a culture of compliance. Today’s audit committees are also taking on additional risk oversight roles, including for cybersecurity. Technical and financial skills are rarely sufficient to master changing reporting requirements or to challenge management on complex risk issues. Deeper insight and the wisdom of experience are essential.

Tapestry Networks supports the chairs of audit committees through networks that provide confidential peer learning and opportunities to engage with experts, regulators, and policymakers. Our audit committee networks are sponsored by EY as part of its commitment to strengthening governance and increasing trust in the capital markets.

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