What we do

We bring global leaders together to share their experience and insight.

How does it work?

Positive change through connected thinking.

Tapestry Networks creates information sharing networks and working sessions for directors, executives, and policy makers. Our networks foster ongoing learning and collaboration. We connect leaders to address specific issues, typically leading to a published report.

Our research encapsulates insight gleaned directly from the boardroom through extensive interviews with senior directors and executives. This ensures that our findings are deeply rooted in the strategic perspectives and real-world decision making of senior leaders, revealing solutions that resonate at the highest levels.

Our participants and partners

Shared perspectives with the world’s leaders

At Tapestry we are passionate about positive impact. In partnership with our participants and sponsors, our work has made a significant mark on global corporate governance, financial services, healthcare, and technology.

Thousands of directors and executives of leading companies

Trusted subject matter experts  in a range of trending issues and fields

Premier consulting, law, and accounting firms as program sponsors, as well as major industry players and foundations

Seasoned Tapestry experts as facilitators

Hundreds of  globally critical enterprises

Leading regulators and policy influencers

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