Emerging Technologies

Bridging the gap between the boardroom and the frontiers of development.

Technology is everywhere in large businesses, and its uses are growing by the day. AI, virtual reality, and even quantum computing are creating possibilities for business models that would have been scarcely credible, even a few years ago.


Matching technology risk and opportunity

Technology presents risks – big investments that don’t pay off, AI-driven decision making that compromises reputations, products that prove harmful to their users, new vulnerabilities to third parties with malicious intentions. Stakeholders expect the directors and top executives of large companies to seize opportunities and manage risks proactively, but part-time directors can rarely stay ahead of fast-moving technology. And the leading technologies are often in the hands of small firms, who have the talent and cultures to build them but may not have the governance and risk systems to make them work at global scale.

The explosive growth of technology, especially generative AI, has driven governments and regulators in the US and Europe to produce a wave of laws and rules. Board-level leaders need to stay abreast of these regulations, and to make their voices heard as the rules evolve.

Tapestry’s emerging technology platforms seek to bridge the gaps between lab and boardroom, and between companies, the public sector, and other stakeholders. We bring the largest companies in the world to the table along with regulators, technology innovators, and subject matter experts.


The power of connected thinking in action.