Tara Shea

Project and Event Manager

Tara Shea serves as a project and event manager at Tapestry Networks, contributing significantly to the financial services initiative, which includes the Bank Governance Leadership Network and Insurance Governance Leadership Network.

With over 25 years of experience in planning and event management, Tara has developed a deep expertise in both large-scale and smaller, more intimate events. Her career includes a notable 16 years with the American Cancer Society, where she managed logistics for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, a major one-day event that drew 40,000 participants.

In the corporate sector, Tara’s experience at MathWorks stands out for her coordination of various internal events. These ranged from smaller team meetings to large off-site events catering to over 4,000 attendees. Her skill set includes effective communication with different levels of management, engaging diverse groups of attendees, and developing adaptable event strategies.

Tara’s background and skills make her a key contributor to Tapestry Networks, where she ensures that each event is well-organized and aligns with the organization’s objectives.