Financial Services

Building strong, sustainable, and trustworthy systems


Transforming financial services through collaborative innovation and sustainability

The leaders of global financial institutions carry a special burden of responsibility for protecting economic stability and ensuring financial services are provided fairly and responsibly while operating in a highly competitive market. New ecosystems of competitors and partners are emerging, as technology changes the shape of the sector. Expectations for corporations are also evolving, and perhaps nowhere is this truer than in financial services: financial institutions are being asked to address a range of societal challenges, often viewed as a transmission mechanism for broader changes across economies and societies.

Tapestry’s financial services work provides a platform to support private and public sector leaders committed to building strong, sustainable, and trustworthy financial institutions and systems. Our work brings together bank, insurance, and fintech board directors and executives, regulators and supervisors, policymakers, investors, and other experts to collaboratively address the opportunities, challenges, and risks facing financial institutions. We provide forums for direct and open dialogue among senior leaders, identify emerging good practices, and publish content on the issues of greatest importance to decision makers and thought leaders across the industry.


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