Who we are

A powerful conduit for insights, ideas, and action

Started in 2003, Tapestry has become an unparalleled collaboration platform for leaders of the world’s foremost organizations.


We convene global leaders to drive change and to make business and society better.

Tapestry Networks brings senior leaders together to learn and shape solutions to today’s most pressing challenges. We are a trusted convener of board directors, executives, policymakers, and other stakeholders, connecting them with information, insight, and one another. Top experts join our discussions to learn from the leaders we convene and to share their knowledge. Our platforms help educate the market, identify good practices, and develop shared solutions. We call this the power of connected thinking. 

Tapestry by the numbers

Our work with audit committees engages:

  • 275+ audit chairs in the US and Europe
  • 500+ public company boards
  • Over 50%  of Fortune 500 companies

In financial services we work with:

  • 100+ banks & insurers globally
  • 700+ directors, executives, and regulators
  • 13 of the top 20 largest banks and insurers globally

Our healthcare work partners with:

  • 17 of the top 22 biopharma organizations
  • 600+ payers, patients, clinicians, government, and other stakeholders

Our work on people, culture, and integrity draws from:

  • 150+ executives, directors, and key stakeholders
  • 200+ leading global organizations

Our work on emerging technologies engages with:

  • 60+ executives, directors, and technology experts
  • 50+ leading global organizations
  • $8T in market cap


Meaningful connections

Tapestry is the brainchild of George Goldsmith, a serial entrepreneur who has long been passionate about improving human interaction and helping leaders grow. His founding insight was that top leaders would learn quickly and effectively from one another, in a process of peer discovery and problem-solving. Today, our work connects thousands of leaders.


Reliable independence

We help our participants address complex and contentious issues in a constructive and respectful way. We are independent; Tapestry does not bring an agenda to the issues we address in our work. Our methodology creates a safe place for hard conversations, even about highly divisive issues.


Rigorous preparation

We spend time understanding the important issues, cutting through the noise to find the signals that matter, and identifying people who can turn dialogue into impact. Meticulous preparation and skilled leadership of the conversation means that time is never wasted; discussions go directly to the points that matter most to the leaders in the room.