Health Sector Sustainability and Transformation

Addressing complex regulatory, reimbursement, and governance challenges

How are senior leaders grappling with key developments in regulation, reimbursement, and broader market trends that are impacting the sustainability of the sector?

Healthcare and life sciences leadership is more complex than ever. Public and private leaders are continuously grappling with new regulation, inflation, market consolidation, and other challenges.

Tapestry’s work with Fortune 100 directors and executives and heads of regulatory agencies gives us a deep understanding of the policy environment, capital markets, and long-term organizational transformation. Our initiatives include:

  • The European Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network (EHILN): EHILN addressed unmet needs and patient treatment access in an era of severe budgetary pressure in Europe. The platform brought together leaders of multiple European healthcare institutions—including regulators, health technology assessors, patient representatives, and medicine developers—to create and implement six multistakeholder drug development pilots. This work, which laid the groundwork for institutionalizing the parallel scientific advice process in Europe, has been acknowledged in media releasesacademic journals, and by government leaders.

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