European Growth Audit Network

High growth companies face unique challenges. Scaling controls and operational structure without crippling the entrepreneurial spirit can be a difficult balancing act. Managing cash flow often becomes a critical concern. It is difficult to build and maintain organizational culture during a time of dynamic change and rapid hiring. Board oversight demands distinctive approaches, which must evolve quickly. Non-executive directors serving on these high-growth companies are keen to learn from their peers about enhancing and improving governance.

To help boards meet these challenges, Tapestry Networks has created the European Growth Audit Network (EGAN), a program of learning and problem-solving aimed at enhancing governance of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. Participation in the network provides non-executive directors with opportunities to benchmark their performance with their peers and to find ways to become more effective in their roles. Members engage with each other and with experts on topics that are highly relevant to their rapidly growing organizations. Confidential, thoughtfully curated discussions enable them to have challenging conversations in a trusted environment.

Tapestry Networks organizes EGAN and leads its meetings, working closely with EY as EGAN’s exclusive sponsor. The inaugural meeting will take place in Berlin in September 2022.

Current membership of EGAN includes:

  • Mats Backman, Tobii AB
  • Nadja Borisova, BlaBlaCar and Pomegranate Investment AB
  • Susanna Campbell, Northvolt AB, H2 Green Steel, X Shore AB, Estrid Sweden AB, Network of Design (NOD)
  • Carolyn Dittmeier, Illy Caffè SpA
  • Terri Duhon, Wise plc
  • Brenda Eprile, Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure plc, Westport Fuel Systems, Inc.
  • Corinne Fornara, OVH Groupe SA
  • Cynthia Gordon, Global Fashion Group SA
  • Marion Helmes, Siemens Healthineers AG
  • Christoph Hütten, Brockhaus Technologies AG, SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE
  • Jürgen Ingels, Unifiedpost Group, Materialise NV, Warehouses De Pauw NV/SA (WDP), Deliverect NV,, Akinon İnternet Yatırım ve Proje Geliştirme AS, Projective NV, GuardSquare NV, Itineris NV, Bright Analytics
  • Sandip Kapadia, VectivBio Holding AG, Molecular Partners AG, Passage Bio Inc.
  • Linda McGoldrick, Compass Pathways plc, Alvotech Lux Holdings SAS
  • Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Westwing Group SE
  • Damian Sanders, The Hut Group Ltd, Cineworld Group plc, Digital Wholesale Solutions Ltd, and Victorian Plumbing Group plc
  • Carolyn Schuetz, Oaknorth Bank plc
  • Carla Smits-Nusteling, SA
  • Sandra Stegmann, Bechtle AG
  • Natalie Tydeman, Nordic Entertainment Group AB and Modern Times Group (MTG) AB
  • Mareike Wächter, Westwing Group SE
  • Ulrich Wandschneider, BioNTech SE, Smile Eyes Group
  • Dieter Wemmer, Orsted A/S
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