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Values and ethics benefit the bottom line

It’s a board’s responsibility to ensure the company has a culture that leads to positive outcomes.

Corporate culture plays a critical role in the success, even the survival, of any business. A positive culture of integrity drives business performance, promotes compliance, and fosters ethical outcomes. An unhealthy culture can erode employee morale and degrade firm performance, while widespread misconduct or major compliance failures expose a firm to significant legal liabilities and can destroy its reputation. Boards of directors are acutely aware of the urgency of ethics, compliance, and corporate culture, but acknowledge that these areas are particularly challenging to oversee. 

The Ethics, Compliance, and Culture Network (ECCN) brings together directors and senior ethics and compliance executives to explore the role of values, corporate culture, and ethical decision making in securing a long-term future for businesses. It provides unique insights and a venue for bringing the perspective of the boardroom into the broader conversation around corporate ethics and culture.  

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