The role of advanced data and analytics in enhancing oversight of ethics and compliance

January 2024

Integrating more advanced data analytics into a company’s compliance program can significantly enhance the ability to identify, predict, and monitor for noncompliance at scale. Technological developments can enable companies to generate better insights into ethical culture, monitor day-to-day business activities for noncompliance or potential fraud, and assess risk more precisely. But sophisticated use of data analytics remains relatively rare in this space, and organizations face a range of challenges in developing more mature approaches.

On December 7, 2023, members of the Ethics, Culture, and Compliance Network met virtually to discuss how organizations are using data and analytics to inform compliance risk assessment and enhance oversight of ethics and compliance, including DOJ expectations, data trends and potential use cases, challenges in data access, and good practices in board reporting.

Members were joined by Darryl Lew and Courtney Andrews, partners at White & Case’s white-collar practice, and Ty Francis, chief advisory officer at LRN.