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Why does Tapestry do what we do?

We are here to help the leaders of the most important institutions in the world do their work more effectively and with greater confidence. We create an environment where leaders—directors, executives, regulators, policymakers—learn from one another, explore new ideas, and collaborate to solve problems, working across the public and private sectors. Our work creates value for those who participate, for those who sponsor it, and for society.

Why do leaders participate in Tapestry meetings?

As one put it: “I am always learning, when I am in Tapestry’s meetings, and nobody ever teaches me.”

We bring expertise to every meeting, both from our people and from world-class authorities, but the majority of the work in Tapestry meetings is done by the leaders around the table. Because our meetings are invitation-only, we ensure that everyone around the table is a peer, with something to contribute and something to gain from participating. Meticulous preparation and skilled leadership of the conversation mean that time is never wasted; discussions go directly to the points that most matter to the leaders in the room. They leave not only with practical ideas to discuss with colleagues, but also with insights about broader system change. 


Why do organizations sponsor Tapestry’s work?

Most of our work is funded by third-party sponsors, who seek to drive progress in their sectors, to enhance trust in the capital markets, and to advance the state of leadership. Sponsor executives typically join meetings as peers of the corporate and government leaders present, adding their insights to the conversation and building reputations and relationships. The discussions in meetings can generate powerful thought leadership, often co-branded with sponsors. In many cases, our discussions have created early insight into issues that would later emerge high on the agendas of top leaders. For example, cybersecurity concerns surfaced in Tapestry discussions several years before they reached the front pages of major newspapers.

Why and how did Tapestry get its start?

Tapestry was the brainchild of George Goldsmith, a serial entrepreneur who has long been passionate about improving human interaction and helping leaders grow. His founding insight was that top leaders would learn quickly and effectively from one another, in a process of peer discovery and problem solving. As a former leader in the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and McKinsey, the global consulting firm, George sought to build a company offering the intimacy of the first with the intellectual horsepower and rigor of the second. Today, he continues as Tapestry Networks’ chair.