Optimal Oncology Alternative Payment Models

Creating a rapid, continuous learning environment for oncology payment reform

As value-based medicine emerges as the new paradigm for the US healthcare market, the Optimal Oncology APM initiative engages oncology leaders to understand successes and lessons across alternative payment models (APMs) in this specialty. Tapestry is collaborating with provider representatives and associations, technology experts, payers, patient advocacy organizations, and others on a platform for rapid learning across ongoing and proposed oncology APM pilots. 

The platform—an informal advisory council of key innovators in oncology payment reform—serves as a sounding board to align objectives across pilots, share pain points, and identify fast fails. It also serves as a forum to bring in expertise relevant for solving the pain points. 

Project Background:

In March 2018, Tapestry Networks convened an initial meeting to address key pain points in oncology APMs and potential solutions for those pain points. The March workshop, which was supported by Amgen and co-hosted by the American Cancer Society, prompted discussion on the need for a collaborative platform to address the identified issues across APMs in oncology. While there are other such forums in payment reform, participants determined that a forum specific to oncology would be beneficial given the complexities involved in designing and implementing APMs in this specialty and the many disparate current and proposed pilots under way. 

The oncology APMs advisory council was formed in June 2018 and has met on an ongoing regular basis.