Diagnostics Innovation Network

Preparing for a new era in genomics

Since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, stakeholders across the US healthcare systemgovernment, industry, patient organizations, and providershave worked to advance precision medicine. Today, the possibilities that genomics offers are many, but it has its skeptics. The Diagnostics Innovation Network (DxIN) addresses the growth of genomics and its application for patients and consumers. 

DxIN, comprising health and life insurers, genomics experts, industry players, and clinicians, aims to identify specific improvements that need to be made so genomics can meaningfully advance patient and consumer outcomes in the United States, while drawing from lessons from ongoing approaches in the United States and other countries. 

Project Background:

DxIN aims to continue the work initiated by the 2015 summit on genomics that emerged from the 2013-2015 SPOT/Dx working group. At the summit, SPOT/Dx stakeholders and other genomics leaders addressed the utility and value of integrating genomics and outcomes registries into clinical practice. In early 2017, some of these leaders recognized the need to expand this pursuit and, in light of the growth of direct-to-consumer sequencing and the advent of data analytics, created DxIN to include consumer applications of genomics, as well as an ongoing focus on genomics in the clinic.