Financial Services

“We are in a period of accelerated evolution that will be called
a revolution in financial services.”

—Bank director and fintech founder

Financial institutions are navigating a period of technological and business model innovation that could upend traditional structures in financial services. New technologies are transforming the way institutions work and financial markets function. New ecosystems of competitors and partners are emerging, changing the shape of the sector. Expectations for corporations are also evolving, and perhaps nowhere is this truer than in financial services: financial institutions are being asked to address their impact on the climate and reconsider their role in societies. Policymakers and regulators face their own transformations as they navigate the changing landscape. Keeping abreast of the changes underway and the implications for strategy and risk presents challenges for financial services leaders. 

Tapestry’s financial services work supports private and public sector leaders committed to building strong, sustainable, and trustworthy financial institutions and systems. Our work brings together bank, insurance, and fintech directors and executives, regulators and supervisors, policymakers, investors, and other experts to collaboratively address the opportunities, challenges, and risks facing financial institutions. We provide forums for direct and open dialogue among senior leaders, identify emerging good practices, and publish research on the issues of greatest importance to decision makers and thought leaders across the industry.


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