AI Connect Forum

The intersection of business and AI technology

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence technologies has captured the world’s attention presenting both incredible opportunities and troubling risks. Companies are investing billions to develop and leverage AI to help transform their businesses. At the same time, senior leaders recognize that the potential for the technologies’ unintended consequences must be better understood and appropriately mitigated. As board members and executives contemplate and implement AI in their businesses, they must carefully balance AI’s possibilities with a complex web of broader social, governance, and ethical considerations, and an evolving regulatory framework. Staying updated on AI’s rapid changes and resulting implications is critical to success.

The AI Connect Forum convenes directors and executives from leading U.S. companies to discuss and provide insight on artificial intelligence and related technologies. Participants exchange perspectives on the challenges, opportunities, and emerging issues on AI, and consider how directors and senior executives can promote the responsible development of the technology. AI Connect is run by Tapestry Networks with exclusive sponsorship by Clifford Chance. All discussions are conducted using a modified version of the Chatham House Rule.

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