Audit Committee Leadership Network

Leading the audit committees of large global companies

Audit committees play an extraordinarily important role in corporate governance. They are a critical player in establishing confidence and trust in capital markets by ensuring high-quality, reliable financial reporting. Many audit committees are now charged with overseeing additional risks, including vitally important areas such as cybersecurity.

Chairing the audit committee of a large, global public company is difficult due to the size and complexity of the organization. Success requires judgment, developed from personal experience and insight from others who have faced similar situations. 

Since 2003, the Audit Committee Leadership Network (ACLN) has helped its members—the chairs of the audit committees at the largest North American public companies—succeed. Three times each year, ACLN members gather for a confidential group discussion. Meeting agendas are driven by the members’ interests and have typically focused on:

  • Auditing and accounting issues
  • Audit committee effectiveness and leadership
  • Risk oversight
  • Cybersecurity
  • Engagement with policy makers, regulators and standard setters. ACLN members have met in dialogue with the US Treasury Secretary and the chairs of the FASB, PCAOB, and SEC

The ACLN works closely with the European Audit Committee Leadership Network (EACLN).  Once a year, members of the ACLN and EACLN meet jointly in an annual Summit.

Tapestry Networks orchestrates the network, building on 15 years of convening board leaders in meaningful conversations. Tapestry helps members prepare for meetings with insightful, original reading material that draws upon tailored research and pre-meeting interviews with members and other leading thinkers. Meetings are synthesized into post-meeting publications that can be shared with colleagues. Everything is done by establishing a non-attribution agreement that ensures openness and protects personal and company confidentiality.

Our members include:

  • Fernando Aguirre, CVS Health
  • Joan Amble, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Eva Boratto, UPS
  • Judy Bruner, Applied Materials and Seagate Technology 
  • Barbara Byrne, Paramount Global
  • Jeff Campbell, Aon
  • Mary Anne Citrino, HP Inc.
  • Janet Clark, Texas Instruments
  • Pam Craig, Merck
  • Ted Craver, Wells Fargo
  • Pam Daley, BlackRock
  • Dan Dickinson, Caterpillar
  • Dave Dillon, 3M and Union Pacific
  • Anne Drinkwater, Equinor
  • Bill Easter, Delta Air Lines
  • Lynn Elsenhans, Saudi Aramco
  • Tim Flynn, JP Morgan and Walmart
  • Tom Freyman, AbbVie
  • Bella Goren, General Electric and Marriott International
  • Alan Graf, Nike
  • Bill Green, Dell Technologies
  • Gretchen Haggerty, Johnson Controls
  • Maria Henry, General Mills
  • Bob Herz, Fannie Mae and Morgan Stanley
  • David Herzog, MetLife 
  • Jean Hobby, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Charles Holley, Amgen and Carrier Global
  • Michele Hooper, United Airlines
  • Hugh Johnston, Microsoft and HCA Healthcare
  • Akhil Johri, Boeing and Cardinal Health 
  • Kelly Kramer, Gilead 
  • Lori Lee, Emerson Electric
  • John Lowe, Phillips 66
  • Brad Martin, FedEx
  • Nancy McKinstry, Abbott
  • Arjun Murti, ConocoPhillips
  • Suzanne Nora Johnson, Pfizer
  • Leeny Oberg, Adobe
  • Ann Marie Petach, Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Peter Porrino, AIG
  • Paula Price, Accenture and Warner Bros Discovery
  • Debra Reed-Klages, Chevron
  • Kimberly Ross, Cigna
  • Tom Schoewe, General Motors and Northrop Grumman
  • Gerald Smith, Eaton
  • Greg Smith, Intel
  • John Stephens, Freeport-McMoRan
  • Cindy Taylor, AT&T
  • Tracey Travis, Meta
  • Jim Turley, Citigroup 
  • John Veihmeyer, Ford
  • Robin Washington, Salesforce
  • David Weinberg, The Coca-Cola Company
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