AI Connect

A revolutionary opportunity or existential threat?

AI Connect aspires to be the definitive collaboration platform on AI for leaders of the world’s foremost organizations. Board members, senior executives, technologists, and academics explore corporate strategy, governance, policy and regulation, and the social and economic impact of AI adoption.

ChatGPT and similar generative AI tools have captured the world’s attention, placing AI squarely on board agendas. Yet few companies and fewer boards are well prepared for

rapid, large-scale AI adoption. Where some see great promise for the technology, others see material risks to their businesses and to society. Cutting through the hype and identifying applications which can create value while implementing guardrails against unintended consequences is key to success.

Tapestry Networks launched AI Connect in 2023 with support from Clifford Chance. It provides a safe space for directors and executives from leading companies to engage on AI’s strategic implications and the social, ethical, policy, and governance concerns it presents. Through interviews, meetings, and research initiatives, AI Connect enables participants to learn, shape solutions, and connect with one another and with top experts.

Participants represent senior executives and board members from leading companies, subject matter experts, and academics with a keen interest in understanding AI and supporting the responsible deployment of the technology.

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