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Meet Us

Project and Event Manager Team Leader

A small firm, highly influential in its field

Working at Tapestry Networks offers unique access to senior leaders and the opportunity to engage with them on some of the most pressing issues facing their organizations, industries, and the world. We balance demanding work and the opportunity for some travel with a flexible office environment. People who have joined Tapestry, at every level, have seen their capabilities stretched and their external profiles enhanced. Those who stay with us see their responsibilities and rewards grow, as they assume greater leadership responsibility. Those who leave generally find themselves taking more significant roles than they had contemplated when they joined us.

Our Roles


We are looking for an Associate to join our corporate governance group and Audit Committee Leadership Networks team. This team works with the audit committee chairs of the…

The ideal project and event manager will have superior organizational skills, excellent oral and written communication, strong attention to detail, and the ability to work effectively across multiple projects in a fast-paced and highly…

The ideal associate will have excellent analytical reasoning skills, superior oral and written communication skills, and the ability to work and think through problems in a self-directed manner. At the same time, the ideal associate will be…

The ideal principal will possess strong leadership skills, project management experience, and a track record of providing guidance and support to top leaders.

Principals are members of Tapestry’s leadership team and play key roles in…

The Work We Do

At Tapestry Networks we are passionate about contributing to the world through our work. Here, you will engage with challenging issues where significant value is at stake. You will work directly and collaboratively with global business leaders focusing on new ideas and approaches to achieving progress. This combination—big issues, important people, and new directions—creates the potential for you to make a real difference. 

Developing relationships and insights
We cultivate networks by building trusted relationships with participants, understanding their interests and challenges through ongoing engagement and discussion. We conduct sophisticated qualitative research, engage top subject matter experts, and publish groundbreaking thought leadership from a distinctive advantage.

Enabling candid discussion among senior leaders
Tapestry offers the leaders who participate in our networks a distinctive experience, rich not only in shared content but also in highly open discussion. Creating that experience means that all of our people have to be always on form, robust in the face of unexpected developments, and alert to the dynamics of groups ranging from 10 to 75 people who are leaders in their field.

Accelerating career development
Many of the exceptional individuals who work at Tapestry arrive with deep knowledge in a particular discipline, or quickly acquire it on the job. Others develop outstanding skills in event management. Most tell us that Tapestry Networks has a transforming impact on their careers. At every level, we look for self-leadership, entrepreneurial creativity, and a relentless drive to improve what we do.

Creating a different kind of impact
Tapestry's people are often experts in their fields but wear their expertise lightly. We go far beyond “facilitating” conversations, yet we never tell our participants how to run their organizations. At the same time, our work has had an outsized impact in global corporate governance, banking, insurance, and healthcare. Ours is a model of professional service that is different from—and complementary to—more traditional models of accountancy, consultancy, legal practice, or academic teaching.

A flexible, supportive work environment
We try to make our policies—working from home, travel, parental leave—simple and accommodating to the professionals who must coordinate and deliver dozens of highly impactful network meetings, projects, and pieces of thought leadership every year. We offer a flexible work schedule and much of our work goes on in a bright, open-plan office in Waltham, Mass., with technology to enable working from home and on the road.