Top concerns for audit committees: new oversight responsibilities and wide-ranging agendas

Board and committee effectiveness, Boards and General Management, Board risk oversight, Corporate and board regulatory matters

Audit Committee Leadership Network, December 2022

As boards navigate increasingly complex risks, evolving regulatory developments, and ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainty, audit committees are grappling with new oversight responsibilities and wide-ranging agendas. On November 10–11, 2022, members of the Audit Committee Leadership Network (ACLN) held a members-only session in Washington, DC, where they shared the top concerns keeping audit chairs up at night. This ViewPoints summarizes key themes that ACLN members highlighted during the discussion:

  • Impending environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting requirements present a major concern. 
  • Compounding risks and unprecedented uncertainty create new oversight challenges. 
  • Audit committee agendas, already crowded, are under even greater stress.