The Agenda for Change: Improving Health Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes

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European Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network, October 2009

Initiated by the European Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network, the Type 2 Diabetes Working Group brings together world-class thought leaders and decision-makers from the ranks of medical experts, regulators, HTA, payers and advisers, patient representatives and industry. Working together over the course of 2009, Working Group participants are committed to addressing unmet needs in type 2 diabetes by establishing a shared value framework for drug development in this area and developing approaches to overcome barriers to innovation through more effective collaboration among all stakeholders.  

A shared value framework is a recommended approach arising from collaboration among key stakeholders to encourage changes in how the value of new medicines can be assessed, demonstrated, captured and rewarded with the end goal of improving health outcomes. This could range from an aligned perspective on the basic science and epidemiological information underlying a given disease, to new approaches supporting a comprehensive view of drug development, or an agreed code of conduct among stakeholders to facilitate these new, more collaborative behavior.

To move towards the tangible outcome of a shared value framework, the Working Group is creating a “21st century” type 2 diabetes drug development template. The goal of the template is to provide an improved process for drug development that refocuses stakeholders on shared definitions of value and accelerates patient access to innovative medicines.

The Working Group held its second meeting in London on 24 September 2009 to develop the components of the “21st century” type 2 diabetes drug development template and identify potential pilots to test such a template. It was preceded by multiple rounds of discussion with participants to set the agenda and capture the views of those unable to attend. The session comprised a mixture of plenary discussion, focused work in breakout groups, and individual consideration to obtain perspectives on emerging issues.  A modified version of the Chatham House Rule was used throughout the day, whereby names of participants and their affiliations are a matter of public record, but comments made during meetings are not attributed to individuals or organisations. This document summarizes that day’s discussion and sets the roadmap for the next Working Group meeting on 8 December 2009.