Pay equity strategy

Board and committee effectiveness, Boards and General Management, Executive Compensation

Compensation and Talent Governance Networks, July 2022

Demands from a variety of stakeholders have placed social issues, the “S” in ESG, in the spotlight for compensation committees. Simultaneously, rising expectations of transparency on how companies consider, measure, and invest in their talent have resulted in a broader dialogue around workforce equity, with the issue of pay equity gaining traction. Pay equity is the concept of compensating employees who have similar job functions with comparably equal pay, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, or other status.[i] 

On June 28, the Compensation and Talent Governance Network (CTGN) met virtually to discuss how companies are addressing pay equity issues. Four guests joined compensation chairs to help frame the discussion and share a case study:

  • Chris Brunson, Vice President of Total Rewards at General Mills
  • Maria Colacurcio, CEO of Syndio
  • Rob Porcarelli, Chief Operating Officer at Syndio
  • AJ Tufte, Head of Workforce Planning & Total Rewards Administration at General Mills


[i] Insight: Pay Equity,” ADP, accessed July 20, 2022.