Oversight of ESG, technology governance, and audit committee and board leadership

Board and committee effectiveness, Boards and General Management, Board risk oversight, Corporate and board regulatory matters

European Growth Audit Network, August 2023

On 11 July 2023, members of the European Growth Audit Network (EGAN) convened in London to discuss:

  • Board oversight of ESG strategy and reporting with Karina Litvack, Ambassador and Founding Chairman, the Climate Governance Initiative, and Controls and Risk Committee Member, Terna S.p.A., and Renata Greenberg Frolova-Hammer, Director and Nordic Practice Lead, BSR

  • Technology governance in the face of exponential change with Harvey Lewis, Partner, Client Technology & Innovation, EY

  • Good practices in audit committee and board leadership with Byron Grote, Audit Committee Chair, Tesco and AkzoNobel; Leslie Seidman, Governance and Nominating Committee Chair, Moody’s, Audit Committee Chair, Janus Henderson, and former Audit Committee Chair, General Electric; and Maria van der Hoeven, Audit Committee Chair, TotalEnergies