The future of cyber risk

August 2022

While cybersecurity has been a well-established topic on board and audit committee agendas for several years, constant vigilance is required to keep pace with an ever-changing and intensifying risk landscape. Companies are experiencing ongoing nation-state and ransomware attacks, increased exposure fueled by digital transformation efforts, and risks stemming from emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

On June 29–30, 2022, members of the North American and European Audit Committee Leadership Networks (ACLN and EACLN, respectively) held a discussion on the future of cyber risk with three guest experts: General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, founder, chairman, and co-CEO of IronNet, Inc. and former director of the National Security Agency; Tim McKnight, executive vice president and chief security officer of SAP; and Lee Foster, senior vice president of Alethea Group.

This ViewPoints summarizes three key themes that emerged from the discussion:

  • Cyber threats are fueling a growing and complex risk landscape
  • Boards should prepare for emerging cyber risks
  • Disinformation is an emerging risk for companies