Oversight of ESG, technology governance, and audit committee and board leadership

August 2023

On 11 July 2023, members of the European Growth Audit Network (EGAN) convened in London to discuss:

  • Board oversight of ESG strategy and reporting with Karina Litvack, Ambassador and Founding Chairman, the Climate Governance Initiative, and Controls and Risk Committee Member, Terna S.p.A., and Renata Greenberg Frolova-Hammer, Director and Nordic Practice Lead, BSR

  • Technology governance in the face of exponential change with Harvey Lewis, Partner, Client Technology & Innovation, EY

  • Good practices in audit committee and board leadership with Byron Grote, Audit Committee Chair, Tesco and AkzoNobel; Leslie Seidman, Governance and Nominating Committee Chair, Moody’s, Audit Committee Chair, Janus Henderson, and former Audit Committee Chair, General Electric; and Maria van der Hoeven, Audit Committee Chair, TotalEnergies