Leading through restart and recovery

August 2020

Even though the coronavirus continues to pose a serious public health threat, governments around the world are trying to protect their economies by easing restrictions. As the crisis enters a new phase, companies are focused on restarting their businesses. Leaders are working hard on issues such as workforce deployment, company operations, and long-term strategy. In addition, a global focus on racial justice is driving boards act swiftly to address inequities at multiple levels.

On June 23, 2020, the LDN convened for a virtual meeting to discuss how boards are responding to the COVID-19 crisis and the recent period of civil unrest. James White, former public company CEO, longtime board member, and co-founder and chair of Directors Academy, joined the meeting for a discussion on racial justice. This ViewPoints synthesizes discussions about three key themes that emerged in the meeting:

  • Operational and strategic initiatives are under review

  • The future of work remains a top priority for boards

  • Racial equity and justice concerns raise urgent questions for boards