Inclusive Workforce Pathways Emerge as the Cornerstone for Corporate Resilience

May 2024

Demographic shifts are reshaping the global workforce, while expectations and norms around work and the workplace continue to evolve. Organizations face pressing talent shortages, increased risks from skills gaps, and the need to accelerate the pace of workforce development. Corporate leaders say that success in talent acquisition and retention—particularly of the next generation workforce—creates strategic advantages that they cannot afford to overlook.

Tapestry Networks will convene the Reimagining the Future of Talent forum on September 19, 2024 at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. The forum will explore talent, technology, culture, access, and opportunity through a dialogue that spans generations. A private, invitation-only event, the meeting will bring together board members and top executives of large companies, thought leaders, and Spelman students and faculty for a candid exchange on how companies can more effectively address a changing work environment.

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