Improving Health Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes: Recommendations of the Type 2 Diabetes Working Group

February 2010

Initiated by the European Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network (“the Network”) and convened by Tapestry Networks, the Type 2 Diabetes Working Group brings together world-class thought leaders and decision-makers from the ranks of medical experts, regulators, health technology assessors (HTA), payers and advisers, patient representatives and industry. (Appendix A lists Network members, while Appendix B shows the roster of the Working Group.) Working Group participants are committed to addressing unmet medical needs in type 2 diabetes. Working together over the course of 2009, the Working Group established a Shared Value Framework for drug development in this area and developed approaches for more effective collaboration among all stakeholders to encourage and enable innovation. A Shared Value Framework is an approach that multiple stakeholders can use to improve the clarity, transparency and alignment of how the value of new medicines can be determined and rewarded, with the goal of improving health outcomes. This document summarises the Working Group’s recommendations.