ESG reporting, oversight, and reputational risk, relations with China, the future of work, and cyber simulation

August 2023

On 12-13 July 2023, members of the North American and European Audit Committee Leadership Networks (ACLN and EACLN) convened in London to discuss:

  • ESG: Communicating performance and assessing reputational risk with Olivier Lebleu, Head of ESG, Edelman Smithfield and Guy Turner, Founder and CEO, Trove Research
  • Audit committee oversight of ESG reporting requirements (members-only discussion)
  • Global governance in an environment of shifting EU-China-US relations with Theresa Fallon, Founder and Director, Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies
  • The future of work in the age of sustainability, AI, and deglobalization with Denis Pennel, Managing Director, World Employment Confederation
  • Cyber simulation with EY and Microsoft