Emerging cyber risks

August 2020

members of the Cyber Risk Director Network met on July 1, 2020, to explore threats that are incipient, already developing, or possible given existing technology (but may not yet have become pervasive). Members and experts discussed the nature of these emerging cyber risks, actions that boards and companies can take now to mitigate them, and how anticipation of these risks might alter longer-term company strategies.

Members were joined by Chris Hoofnagle, Professor and Faculty Director at the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, University of California, Berkeley; Angela McKay, Director, Emerging Threats and Risk Mitigation and Prevention at Google; Bill Phelps, Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton; Renee Rakowski and Jenny Vandrovec, Commercial Disinformation Advisory Practice leads at Booz Allen Hamilton; Kevin Richards, Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton; Katie Wilks, Principal, at Booz Allen Hamilton; Phyllis Sumner, Partner and Chief Privacy Officer, King & Spalding; and Steven Weber, Professor and Faculty Director of the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity at the University of California, Berkeley. 

Discussion centered on three main topics:

  • The spread of disinformation

  • Attacks on information integrity

  • Quantum technologies