A Data-Driven Approach to Workplace Equity

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in ActionApril 2024

Tapestry Networks’ Marsha Ershaghi and Syndio’s Maria Colacurcio navigate the crucial intersection of workplace equity and business outcomes, emphasizing the power of data analytics to drive transparency, accountability, and ultimately, organizational success. With the new EU Equal Pay and Transparency Directive and expanding legislation in the US, discover why integrating equity into the business strategy isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s a business imperative for resilience, growth, and innovation.

In July, to advance progress on these issues, Tapestry Networks, in partnership with Syndio’s Fair Pay Workplace, conducted a study to assess the role of boards in defining and advancing workplace equity and to understand how workplace equity generates better business outcomes.  Advancing Workplace Equity from the Boardroom reflects insights from interviews with 26 board directors and DEI professionals from almost 40 leading companies; it explores the current realities and challenges for effective board oversight of workplace equity and suggests pathways for improved governance.