Tracy Lively


Diagnostics Evaluation Branch

U.S. National Cancer Institute

Dr. Tracy Lively joined the NIH in 1996 as a program director in the Cancer Diagnosis Program of the National Cancer Institute. Prior to coming to the NIH she had been an assistant professor in the Division of Biomedical Sciences at the University of California, Riverside, and had completed post-doctoral fellowships in cancer biology and human genetics. As a program director, and later as Deputy Associate Director of the Cancer Diagnosis Program and Chief of its Diagnostics Evaluation Branch, Dr. Lively has been responsible for the scientific oversight of a portfolio of investigator-initiated research grants and for the review of correlative science aspects of protocols for clinical trials supported by NCI’s Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program. She has developed and implemented targeted research initiatives for exploratory research, for technology development and for patient-oriented research in cancer diagnostics.