Timothy Keaney

Audit Committee Chair


Timothy Keaney served as vice chair of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon), a global investments company, from October 21 to September 214. While at BNY Mellon, he held a number of executive positions, including chief executive officer of investment services from January 213 to June 214 and chief executive officer of asset servicing from September 21 to December 212. He served as co-CEO of asset servicing at BNY Mellon following its formation in 27 upon the merger of The Bank of New York Company, Inc. and Mellon Financial Corporation. Prior to the merger, Tim was head of The Bank of New York’s asset servicing business and head of that company’s presence in Europe, with management responsibilities for all business activities in the region.

Tim possesses significant operational, investment, and finance experience, both domestically and internationally. His work has included lengthy periods of executive leadership service in the United Kingdom, which has given him a deep understanding of many of the challenges and opportunities that we face there. He also qualifies as an “audit committee financial expert” under SEC regulations.