Sarah Le Tourneur



With 2+ years of consulting experience, Sarah takes a business vision and makes it reality through sound people and organizational strategies. She sees “algorithms” in organizations as opportunities to help clients extend their thinking, and drive material business advantage.

To support this, Sarah specializes in providing leadership, and advice on the implementation of the optimal operating model, organizational structure and change management strategies; bringing sustainable growth through revenue generation and operational efficiencies.

Sarah is an inspirational leader who, throughout her career, has helped clients, peers, and her team to recognize their unique capabilities and position themselves as the best they can be. She has a deep belief in people that inspires them to become stronger, more fulfilled and more valuable contributors to their organizations.

Prior to joining EY Sarah worked with CEOs and CHROs, leading their complex global transformations and helping them make critical business decisions. During this time, she also co-authored the book “M&A; Information Technology Best Practices”.

Sarah is an EY “boomer-rang”. She began her career in as a graphic designer focusing on interactive TV, the internet, and touch screen technology as it emerged in the 199s. This led to her joining EY, in the UK as a specialist and advisor in this field, where she was inspired to pursue her consulting career.