Sadia Ricke

Group Chief Risk Officer

Standard Chartered

Sadia Ricke joined Standard Chartered in February 2023. She is group chief risk officer, a member of group management team and a director of the court of SC Bank. She leads a team of approximately 3,000 employees and is responsible for the development of group risk processes, and for advocating an appropriate risk culture and discipline.

Sadia has a broad range of financial and risk experience and a thorough understanding of Standard Chartered’s footprint markets. She joined Standard Chartered from Société Générale, where she started in 1994 in the financial institutions credit department. Sadia gained more than 13 years of structured finance experience in the natural resources and energy finance division where she was co-deputy head, a position she held until 2010 before becoming head of credit risk for SG CIB in Paris. In 2015, Sadia relocated to Hong Kong to take on the role of head of global finance for Asia Pacific. She was appointed group country head and head of coverage and investment banking for the UK in 2017. Sadia became deputy chief risk officer in 2019 and then group chief risk officer in 2021.

Sadia graduated from HEC Paris (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales).

In February 2023 Sadia became a member of the International Financial Risk Institute (IFRI) Foundation.