Rui Bastos

Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer—Hydrocarbons

and Head of Group Audit and Risk Management

Reliance Industries

Rui Bastos has a career of more than 2 years in senior financial and technology, advisory, and risk management roles across three continents for major corporates such as Reliance Industries, Shell, and Ernst & Young. His industry experience also includes various consulting assignments for major companies such as Vodafone, Allianz, McDonalds, Merck, LIDL, Transnet, and Coca-Cola. 

At Reliance Industries, he has a unique role as chief information officer and chief digital officer for the hydrocarbons segment while at the same time being group head of audit and risk management responsible for driving digital transformation in hydrocarbons businesses.  His most recent career achievements at Reliance Industries include establishing the group’s internal audit, risk management and compliance functions and embedding these in the hydrocarbons (upstream, midstream, refining, and petrochemicals), retail, and telecoms business segments. In the process, Reliance Industries has earned several corporate governance awards related to world-class risk management processes, systems, and methodologies. Mr. Bastos has spearheaded and driven the Reliance Industries digital transformation programme to transform and integrate refining and marketing, petrochemicals, and manufacturing verticals into a common oil-to-chemicals business platform. He has supported the group board design, setup, and implementation systems of corporate governance and internal control in various business segments.

At Shell, Mr. Bastos transformed the corporate and IT audit functions into world-class internal audit functions performing impactful and value-adding assurance and advisory assignments across the group. He also implemented continuous auditing and data analytics techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of process controls testing. Some of the leading practices in continuous auditing adopted at Shell have been recognised by the industry.  

As technology & security risk services country leader at Ernst & Young, Mr. Bastos established the IT risk and advisory services practice, and was service line leader for information management services in continental Western Europe.