Petri Hofsté

Audit Committee Chair


Petri H. M. Hofsté’s current roles are supervisory board member of Rabobank, Achmea B.V., Pon Holdings B.V., Fugro N.V.and Achmea Investment Management and chair of the audit committee of Rabobank, Pon Holdings B.V., Fugro N.V. and Achmea Investment Management.

Furthermore, she is a chair of the board of Nyenrode Foundation and member of the boards of Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser and Stichting Capital Amsterdam.

Petri’s former roles include member of the supervisory board of BNG Bank; supervisory board member and Chair of the audit committee of Kasbank N.V.; chief financial and risk officer in APG Groep N.V., a major institution in the pension fund industry; division director of the banking supervision division of the Dutch Central Bank; CFO of RBS N.V., the legal successor to the former ABN AMRO Bank N.V.; deputy CFO and head of finance in the former ABN AMRO Group N.V.; and partner at KPMG Netherlands.