Mathew Nelson

Global Leader for Climate Change and Sustainability Services


Mathew Nelson is the EY Global Leader for Climate Change and Sustainability Services and a member of the Global Financial Accounting Advisory Services executive leadership team. He has nearly 2 years’ experience in providing advisory and assurance services related to sustainability, nonfinancial reporting, climate change and energy, outcomes measurement, and environment, health and safety.

Mathew has extensive experience in helping business and government respond to societal, environmental and economic challenges and assisting business to understand and evaluate the broader value impacts associated with their organisation, operations, programs and projects. Mathew leads a global network of leaders who share knowledge and market trends of non-financial risk, strategy and reporting.

Prior to joining EY, Mat worked in the petrochemical industry as an operations engineer as well as a human resources analyst in the Financial Services sector. He also has significant experience in providing commercial advice to the cleantech sector and government.

His area of specialties are: Climate change assurance and advisory; Carbon trading advisory; Sustainability strategy and assurance; Nonfinancial reporting; Outcomes measurement and valuation; Green and social impact bonds advisory; EHS advisory and audit.

Mat received his Master of Environment from the University of Melbourne in Australia as well as his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Manufacturing). Mathew is the Chair of the Earthwatch Institute in Australia.