Marty Pfinsgraff

Risk Committee Chair

PNC Financial

Martin (Marty) Pfinsgraff serves as a director at PNC where he chairs the risk committee and is a member of audit, compliance, and executive committees. He is formerly a director of ACell, a medical device company where he chaired the audit committee. ACell was sold in January of 2021. He is an affiliate partner at Lindsay Goldberg, a private equity company with $14 billion of assets under management and founder/CEO of MP Alpha, an advisory firm. He also serves on the advisory board for the International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers.

Marty was previously senior deputy comptroller for large bank supervision at the OCC where he served on the executive committee and committee for bank supervision. He has previously held executive management and board of director positions at Prudential Insurance, Prudential Securities, and Mellon Bank. He was a cofounder and CFO, COO, and member of the board of iJET International (now DBA Worldaware).

He holds a master’s degree in finance from Harvard Business School and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Marty is a graduate of Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. He and his wife are court appointed special advocates for children in the Maryland foster care system.