Marcia Campbell

Non-Executive Director

CNP Assurances

Marcia Campbell is currently a non-executive director at Canada Life Limited, where she chairs the risk committee, and a non-executive director at Canada Life Group. She is also the audit committee chair of Murray International Trust PLC, the risk committee chair of Charles Stanley Group PLC and a member of Aviva’s independent governance committee.

Marcia has been an independent director of CNP Assurances SA since 22 February 211 and is also a member of the company audit and risk committee.  Previously, Marcia was the director of operations at Ignis Asset Management, a subsidiary of Phoenix Group plc from 21212. Prior to that, she was group operations director and CEO for the Asia Pacific region at Standard Life, having spent 2 years with the company.

Marcia holds a degree in French, business studies and fine art from the University of Edinburgh. She also holds an MBA with distinction from the Open University.