Lyndon Nelson

Senior Technical Expert and Assessor

International Monetary Fund

Lyndon Nelson has over thirty years experience in regulation (prudential, conduct and market), with extensive periods supervising firms (large and small), risk management (including as chief risk officer), policy (latterly responsible for the delivery of specialist supervision including stress testing, operational resilience and cyber) and overall financial sector resilience and crisis management.

Lyndon has a strong background and experience in risk management, regulation, economics, finance and public policy. He chaired the main supervision and policy committee of the Prudential Regulation Authority for nearly ten years and was a member of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision for eight years. He was also chair of the G7 Cyber Experts Group.

Lyndon has been very committed to education and improving the ability to manage risk and financial crises. He regularly lectures in the finance programme at London Business School. He has jointly devised and led crisis simulation exercises and training on financial stability and risk management for both domestic and international organisations. He is regularly asked to provide technical assistance to regulators, legislators and international organisations. He is also a Basel core principles assessor for the IMF.

Lyndon has been responsible for many change and transformation programmes in his career. He was responsible for the FSA’s strategic performance management framework and was part of the Bank team that established the Bank of England’s financial stability function. He took on the responsibilities of the managing director of risk during the first phase of regulatory change at the FSA and helped to develop the UK’s macro prudential framework working extensively with the financial policy committee.