Kate Smaje

Global Leader

McKinsey Digital

Kate Smaje is a senior partner at McKinsey, based in London and is the global co-lead of McKinsey Digital. Shworks with clients to deploy the power of data, digital culture and capabilities, and modernized core technology. She works with senior leadership teams around the globe to help them build the mindsets, capabilities, and grassroots understanding required to undergo technology-led transformation successfully and sustainably.  

She also has first-hand experience as a Chief Technology Officer across core technology, digital product management and innovation, and cybersecurity topics, having led McKinsey’s transformation in this sphere.  

 Prior to joining McKinsey, Kate worked for Chase Manhattan Bank and then JPMorgan, advising on mergers, acquisitions, and debt restructuring in the Technology sector. She has a History degree and in addition to her work with McKinsey, Kate is a trustee of Tommy’s, the children’s charity.