Julie Linn Teigland

EMEIA Area Managing Partner


Julie is EMEIA Area Managing Partner at EY. In this role, Julie leads more than 115, people across 98 countries and is responsible for international tax advice, auditing, advising large clients, and accompanying business transformations.

With nearly three decades of experience in professional services for international clients, she accompanies her clients in transformation processes, focusing on the challenges of digital transformation and is committed to the sustainable development of capital markets and their framework conditions. Julie has served as lead partner for several Fortune 5 clients.

Previously, she led one of the largest EY regions in EMEIA, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, where she led business transformation efforts within EY and with clients, as well as led several major acquisitions.

Julie, who also serves as the Global Leader for EY’s Women Fast Forward initiative, is a key player in progressing gender equality issues. She is a prominent voice of the Women2 (W2) global agenda.

Additional information: Julie serves on several boards across Europe and the US, such as the UN EQUALS, Atlantik Brücke, and the American Council on Germany.

Born in the US, Julie has been living in Germany for more than 3 years. She studied business in Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Paris and qualified as a US Certified Public Accountant. Julie enjoys traveling and skiing.