Jérôme Jean Haegeli

Group Chief Economist

Swiss Re

Dr. Jérôme Jean Haegeli, Managing Director, is Swiss Re’s Group Chief Economist.

Jérôme is responsible for the economic and insurance market research which comprises the macro, interest rate and insurance market premium forecasts and associated consulting services for the Group. He is the Managing Editor of sigma, the leading insurance publication now in its 52nd year of publication.

Within the Swiss Re Institute and for the Group, he steers the scenario analysis and group plan projections while leading efforts on contributing to a sound global financial market architecture. He is particularly active in external international committees and roundtable discussions with policymakers as well as in external media. He has been consulted by the G2, amongst others, in how to lower barriers for investments for infrastructure as well as how to strengthen long-term investing.

Jérôme is co-chairing the World Bank’s Global Infrastructure Facility over the 219/2 period. At the Institute of International Finance (IIF), he is a member of the Council of Asset and Investment Management (CAIM), the Principles Consultative Group and Market Monitoring Committees. At the World Economic Forum, he is Swiss Re’s Strategy Officer and a member of the Global Future Council on New Economic Frontiers.

At Swiss Re, Jérôme was Head of Investment Strategy at Group Asset Management. Prior to that, he was Senior Economist at the Swiss National Bank, the International Monetary Fund (representing the Swiss interests at their Executive Board), as well as at UBS Warburg and Bank Julius Baer in senior positions.