John Alchin

Audit Committee Chair

Ralph Lauren

Current public company boards: Ralph Lauren Corp

Executive Experience: John R. Alchin joined Comcast Corporation as senior vice president, and treasurer in 199. In 22, he was appointed executive vice president and co-chief financial officer. He retired from Comcast in 28.

Before joining Comcast John was a managing director of Toronto Dominion Bank. He was active in founding the bank’s US Communications Finance Group in 198, which rapidly became the largest lender to the cable television industry.

Additional information: John served as audit chair of Xplornet Communications, Inc., Markham, Ontario, Canada. He was also a member of the audit committee for BNY Mellon Funds Trust and chair of the finance committee at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He is a member of the board of trustees of The Barnes Foundation. He serves on the Advisory Group of Catalyst Investors LP, the Advisory Board of MANNA (Metropolitan AIDS neighborhood Nutrition Alliance) and the finance committee of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region, Philadelphia, PA.

John earned his BA and his MBA degrees from the University of Toronto, Canada.