Jennifer Keynton

Diagnostics R&D Manager

Horizon Discovery

Jennifer Keynton is the Diagnostics R&D Manager at Horizon Discovery. Horizon Discovery provides tools and services related to cell-line engineering. The Diagnostics R&D team designs and develops cell-line derived reference standards that mimic patient samples. These reference standards offer a highly controlled and reproducible resource to help ensure consistency during the establishment and validation of diagnostic assays. Prior to her role as Manager, Jennifer worked as a Senior Scientist in the team and worked closely with EQA providers to design and manufacture reference standards to be used as proficiency testing material. Before joining Horizon, Jennifer was a PostDoc at the Medical Research Council in Oxford UK, studying the role of cilia in development and congenital disease. Her PhD was conducted in the Mogensen Lab at UEA Norwich UK on the role of the cytoskeleton on colorectal cancer progression.