Jean-Yves Jégourel

Country Managing Partner Germany


Jean-Yves has been with EY since 1984 and was appointed audit partner in 1995. Jean-Yves has been appointed Country Managing Partner, Germany on the 1st of April 221. Prior to that, he was the Global Vice-Chair Professional Practice (end of role 3 June 221). He has been the EMEIA assurance leader from July 214 to June 22. Jean-Yves was the Americas vice chair for risk management between July 212 and July 214. Prior to that he was EMEIA assurance professional practice leader across 87 countries beginning in July 21.

Jean-Yves also served as the IFRS telecommunications leader for EY. He was in charge of coordination and the audit of France Telecom group between 22 and 26 and was the signing partner of Orange group accounts between 2 and 26. In 24, he implemented a pan-European working group with EY representatives of major European countries and finance teams of telecommunication operators to discuss and address IFRS and regulatory topics. He was joint leader with Dominique Thouvenin of the IFRS desk for Continental Western Europe from 25 to 28 and member of the EY global IFRS policy committee.

Jean-Yves was a member of the executive committee of EY France – Luxembourg in charge of assurance and advisory services from 28 to 21, professional practice director for EY France and Continental Western Europe from 23 to 28, and leader of the capital markets activities of EY France and Continental Western Europe from 23 to 28.

Additional information: Jean-Yves was chair of a working group sponsored by the Institut Français des Administrateurs external auditors audit committee and member of the public accounting committee of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.