Jason Feuchtwanger

Office of the CEO

Senior Director


S&P Global

Jason conveys S&P Global’s priorities, accomplishments, and values to a wide range of stakeholders. He is responsible for developing talking points, speeches, annual shareholder letters, presentations, video scripts and correspondence to support business goals.

Previously, Jason served in corporate communications roles at the company specializing in media relations, issues management, financial communications, and executive visibility. In these positions, he generated news coverage of the successful transformation of The McGraw-Hill Companies into the high-growth, high-margin business it is today. From the sales of magazines, TV stations and the McGraw-Hill Education publishing business to major investments in financial data and benchmarks businesses, Jason played a central role in all external communications.

Jason’s previous experience at the company also includes editing and placing supportive CEO op-eds focused on the intersection of business and public policy.

From 211 – 215, Jason was part of the senior communications team responsible for managing the company’s reputation concerning federal litigation, CEO succession and shareholder activism.

Earlier in his career Jason worked in local and state governments and as a press secretary for the National Governors Association.

Outside of work, Jason has volunteered for PRSA. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two children.