Ivy Kusinga


Career Vines

Former Chief Culture and Talent Officer


Ivy has over 2 years of experience specializing in talent management, employee engagement, diversity, equity, and inclusion, including serving as Chubb’s Chief Culture Officer. Within this role, Ivy was responsible for influencing Chubb’s distinctive culture and oversaw the cultural integration when ACE acquired Chubb in 216. As a result, she brings a depth of insight and knowledge in operationalizing talent and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to advance gender and ethnic representation.

Ivy regularly presents on culture, diversity, and talent management topics at conferences and industry events. She was a key architect in forming the Black Insurance Industry Collective, established in 22, to address the specific challenges impacting Black talent within the insurance industry. Ivy was the first recipient of the PLUS Foundation Excellence in Diversity Award in 221 and has been recognized for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the insurance industry, including being featured in Intelligent Insurer’s Top 25 DEI Champions.

She founded a new consulting practice launching in Q3, 223. Career Vines is a boutique consulting firm that will provide tailored programs to empower individual careers and to support the diversity, equity, and inclusion journeys of impactful leaders and their respective businesses.

She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) in International Development from St. Mary’s University, Canada, and serves on two non-profit boards.